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                                     You Haven’t Worn It All, If YOU Haven’t Worn REAL BROTHER!™

                              Come For Your Feel-Good Fulfillment, Today Your Misery Will Disappear™.                                  
As an acronym, R.E.A.L. B.R.O.T.H.E.R encapsulates the following attributes: Reasonable, Enthusiastic, Ambitious, Loving, Bold, Reflective, Objective, Tolerant, Handsome, Egotistical, and Resilient.

REAL BROTHER brand image is a message; clothing is secondary. It strikes universal emotional strings and employs magnificent visual effects. The emblem communicates the profound love that is the essential message of God. Our untouched logo that exudes emotional beauty is the promise of feel-good fulfillment. Be empowered, inspired and encouraged with a message that uplifts the sanctity of life.  

We believe we can stimulate unity in the world by strengthening the bond of humanity worldwide through fashion. That led us to make clothes that help liberate humankind.


Empowering minds and hearts in the pursuit of feel good fulfillment while striving for the Unification of Humanity.

REAL BROTHER in terms of style can be described as All-Mankind Classic™.

Fashion Changes. Style Changes. Lifestyle Changes... But Feel-good Fulfillment Lasts Forever!™